headshot_2014_sq_bw_200My Approach

My approach to User Experience has developed out of a belief in the power of user-centered design practices. I think Jesse James Garrett was right on when he said:

It’s never been about information. It’s always been about people: how they relate to that information, how that information makes them think, how it makes them feel, and how the structure of that information influences both things.

A recent personal goal is to integrate concepts from Emotional Design and Behavioral Economics into my work.

Niche Interests

Within UX, I’m especially drawn to Information Architecture, as well as Experience and Service Design. I also have a special interest in practicing UX in international development contexts, so Information & Communication Technologies for Development (ICTD) is a core interest. In all of the work I do, contributing to the overall social good and benefiting others is especially important.

How I Got Here

I was led to User Experience by a broad interest in organizing information. I’ve always relished an organizational challenge; taking a mess and finding a way to make it easier to work with.

What I Bring With Me

My experiences conducting travel writing research taught me to covertly interview other travelers to truly understand their information needs. My experiences in cartography left me with a love of diagramming information to show hierarchies and relationships, to create common visuals to increase understanding. Experience in customer service in a variety of settings has taught me to empathize with customers’ needs and to take an interest in their experience from start to finish.

Personal Interests

Lately I’ve been experimenting with the Paleo diet and cooking a lot as a result. I’m also doing a ton of Pilates and have a personal challenge in effect to swim regularly. I practice mindfulness meditation and aim to bring this awareness and integrity to everything I do. Interests in the fairly recent past have included yoga, outrigger canoeing, traveling and hanging around organic farmers. I am both a recovering dancer and a former Brazilophile.

Myers-Briggs Type:  ESFJ
Strengths Finder Top 5 Themes:  Connectedness, Relator, Harmony, Intellection, Adaptability