Project: Months Abroad

Information Visualization

Objective: Select quantifiable information about myself and represent it in a creative way that makes a visual impact

In this image, I have used fruit to represent the number of months I’ve spent outside the continental United States. Each fruit represents a different country or U.S. state. One country (Guatemala) is represented by a flower, simply to broaden the color palate and vary the shapes. Bananas (representing Brazil) are the most numerous, and serve as a thread that creates pockets for the other fruit.

There is some uniformity to the size of the fruit pieces used in order to create an easy basis for visual comparison, but pineapple (representing Australia) is the largest fruit and really stands out. I made this choice because the two months I spent in Australia were very significant for me personally. I have included Burning Man in this assignment because its culture is so vastly different than mainstream American culture that I consider time spent there as time spent abroad.

In the bottom left-hand corner, I have used dried beans to represent the total number of months of my life as compared to the total number of months spent abroad.